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Donation: For each face-covering that is purchased 5% of all proceeds are donated in support of UNICEF and Kiss the Ground.

Why UNICEF? I’ve always felt passionate about UNICEF; they address the “world’s toughest problems until every child has the childhood they deserve.”  They provide humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. Moreover, most marginalized children are the ones most impacted by climate change; UNICEF promotes education on environmental issues that empower children to become advocates of the environment they will one day inherit.

Why Kiss the Ground? My face-covering model, Dr. Anna Paltseva, is a soil scientist. I have learned so much about soil health and remediation from our time together.  When we reuse, repurpose and upcycle we conserve the earth’s natural resources. Therefore, Kiss the Ground cultivates regenerative practices that restore the soil and revive ecosystems from around the world.

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