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Herbert Alexander Simon, an American economist, political scientist and cognitive psychologist, says, “Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing the existing situations into preferred ones,” and “The proper study of mankind is the science of design.

ManifestoPilar’s focus in fashion has shifted gears to respond resourcefully and respectfully to the rapidly changing world.  Her new centered approach reimagines social and environmental interactions  that reexamines design in a new perspective.

Each year about 85% of textile waste goes to landfills where it occupies about 5% of landfill space and the number is exponentially growing[1] It may take synthetic clothing hundreds of years to decompose.[2]

Therefore by repurposing unwanted natural textile fibers will support closing the gap: reuse-reduce-recycle. Pilar will also examine the impact of chemicals that are used in these fibers from unknown sources. She will integrate a futures thinking by creating beautifully handcrafted dresses.

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